Being an Interim Manager DDIM® and Project Manager in Financial Industry, I look back to more than 18 years of experience in banking & financial services environment. I am well aware of major requirements and challenges within Financial Institutions. Having acted as a Director in permanent position, I managed a number of projects with highly valuable track record.

In my role as Interim Manager, I help my clients to meet the regulatory requirements, achieve economic efficiency, develop competitive business & products, manage their balance sheet, and successfully run projects. My business activities refer to Banking, Finance & Treasury, Balance Sheet Management, Financial Regulations, Business Development, Project Management.

In addition to a generalist approach, I apply a broad expertise and pursue common sense. As a banking expert I am especially keen of taking responsibility in challenging environment. I am open to work world-wide by applying a high level of intercultural competence.

I am a member of DDIM (Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V.) – Germany’s leading platform for professional interim management and associated agency services.



  • Ad-hoc actions and special tasks & projects with ambitious deadlines.
  • Application of banking products expertise and excellent project management.
  • Implementation of the regulatory and business specific projects within financial industry.
  • Balance sheet management, Accounting regulations (IFRS, HGB), Capital management.
  • Optimisation of internal business structures and business cases.
  • Business analyses, business requirement documentation, and interface role between business side and IT.
  • I take assignments globally and apply intercultural competence.


  • To me, valuable actions are based on adequate structure and processes behind them.
  • Based on profound understanding of my clients’ motivation at a starting point, I initially derive the appropriate structrure and scale of future actions.
  • By applying pragmatic solutions, I regard actions holistically.
  • By adapting the targets and available resources, I address the challenges of continuously changing environment.
  • Based on my experience, in-depth analyses, and common sense, I work results-driven and pursue the goals of my clients.
  • With passion and unconditional willingness, I commit to the interests of my clients.


  • Professional & personal integrity is an essential element behind my business activity.
  • By recognising the chances, and seizing them with both hands, I propose efficient ideas & alternative solutions.
  • By carefully listening and continuously interacting with people around me, I experience a high level of mutual motivation in working teams.
  • Based on my interest in a sustainable relationship, I follow a positive, progressive & contructive approach, accompanied by mutual respect.
  • By bringing people together, I communicate effectively and transparent, both with stakeholders on CEO level and with team members on working level.